I get it. I really do. If all you have are ideas and don’t do anything, you will fail because you never tried. Mat Honan talked about this today at this month’s San Francisco Creative Mornings talk. He spoke about the value of hustling, working fast, completing things, and fucking up (it’s all okay, he promised).

“The worst place for an idea is in your head.” — , as quoted by someone on Twitter.

My question is this, What’s so bad about ideas? Was Leonardo Da Vinci a failure because he didn’t “ship” every idea? Don’t his ideas (thankfully recorded in sketchbooks) still inspire us, even though he didn’t build a flying machine? What does it mean to “realize” an idea?

Even though I’m a perfectionist and the “just ship it” mantra is good for someone like me, I fear the excited sense of “accomplishment for accomplishments sake” might be at the expense of iteration and introspection.

Also, some ideas are exercises in themselves and might be ultimately valuable by what they lead to.

(I will write a post soon about the value of what happens when you do just throw your work out there–this blog being one grand testament to that philosophy)