Two plus years ago when I moved to San Francisco, east coast friends who had migrated here before me said that with the lack of seasons I would lose track of time and everything would blend together. They were right. I can’t believe this year is already over. To clarify time passing and in the spirit of Seth Godin’s post “What did you ship in 2010?” I asked myself, “What have I accomplished in 2010?”

Here are 10 things that made the list.

In 2010 I:

  1. Managed a coworking space (Citizen Space) and cultivated a dynamic community of independent workers. I will never forget that experience and I don’t doubt it will continue to inform how I work with people for the rest of my career. During 2010, I also led the redesign of the Citizen Space website and hired its first intern, the wonderful Renee Chu (who now works at Twilio).
  2. Learned the value of connecting with industry peers. Last January I introduced myself to other coworking and incubator-like spaces in San Francisco. I met with Ken Thom (Pier 38), Julian Nachtigal (Parisoma), Sasha Vasilyuk (SandboxSuites), and Iris Kavanagh (NextSpace SF). I reached out to coworking spaces outside of the area and met Alex Hillman (Independents Hall) and Tony Bacigalupo (New Work City). They all were welcoming and forthright in their experience running a coworking space. Thank you.
  3. Co-organized and taught “Toolbox: A workshop for startups” with Dan Olsen and Al Abut. The day long workshop sold out and was a success. I focused on a passion of mine: marketing for startups; Dan covered product management and Al spoke about interaction design. We lectured in the morning and taught hands-on sessions in the afternoon.
  4. Founded the San Francisco chapter of the Awesome Foundation. I serve as “Dean” and along with 10 fantastic and dedicated founding micro-trustees, we are funding Bay Area awesome projects, one grand at a time. Check out the Awesome Foundation and if your idea is awesome, apply!
  5. Launched my personal website in WordPress (and yeah, that made the list. Finally, a CMS for my own work)
  6. Designed. I created the identity for local band Backlit and also the peer to peer sharing site Clearbits, marketing materials for Nimbuzz, alumni materials for Tufts University, and conference programs for the National Association of Science Writers. For each of these projects, design was often a by-product of meetings where I asked tough questions and explored how best to communicate with people. It’s what I love to do.
  7. Kept in touch with my art roots. I also designed a 72 page exhibition catalogue for “Gods, Festivals and Kings: Art of the Yoruba Peoples” for the Hurst Gallery in Cambridge, MA and designed exhibition graphics for “Fiery Pool” a show of Mayan art. (Before moving to San Francisco and becoming involved with coworking and startups, I used to design museum exhibitions and still have a passion for everything art).
  8. Developed product scope, ux, design, and strategy with BizeeBee, a startup changing how yoga and fitness studios do business. I am consulting full-time with them now and am working with a passionate and talented team. Looking forward to what we accomplish in 2011.
  9. Started a much anticipated poster project and related micro-site for a close friend of mine who works for social justice non-profit, Keshet. The three series posters should be complete by spring 2011.
  10. Connected a lot of people. Much of that occurred during 1-9, but it still gets its own number. Throughout the year I met dozens of people who I helped meet other people or sent them resources (links, books suggestions) to move their idea forward. Knowledge connecting is a passion of mine and I try to bring that into everything I do.

What’s on the docket for 2011? There’s a lot happening with my work at BizeeBee; I have considered teaching another workshop, and will be speaking at SxSw in a panel organized by Poornima Viyashanker called “That’s not my job: being a career generalist”. Traveling to Asia is on my mind, and the half-marathon I did not train for in 2010 is still a goal to achieve in 2011. It’s going to be a good year.